Award-winning cheesecakes made with a little "Brooklyn" attitude

It is with mixed emotions that we are announcing Grandpa Moustache’s Cheesecakes has closed its doors as of October 23rd.  This is not the end, but a new beginning.


June and I will be officially retiring to Myrtle Beach, SC.    This does not mean Grandpa Moustache will cease to exist.  We will continue the business in one form or another and continue to bake our award winning cheesecakes.  Its been a life long dream to move south and enjoy our retirement closer to our children while enjoying the warmer weather !


We have cannot thank our loyal customers, friends, family and the Washingtonville Community enough.  It has been one of the most rewarding experiences our lifetime.   We will miss each and every one of you who have stepped foot into our shop or has enjoyed a slice of our cheesecake.


We will continue to update every one of our status via Facebook and Instagram over the coming months. 




Peter “Grandpa Moustache” Brown



Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.   Peter Brown a.k.a Grandpa Moustache has been baking his delicious cheesecakes for over 30 years.  

Peter a.k.a Grandpa Moustache is a retired NYPD Sergeant who has turned his passion for baking into a thriving cheesecakery located in Washingtonville, NY.  



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